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    DD - Congratulations! Wow, you're in for a real ride and I'm a bit envious...and a bit relieved that's your post and not mine...and envious again as well

    My offline email is webgirlie on Gmail and I'd really love to ask you a few questions that aren't quite suitable discussion in such a public forum. Dice are rolling here in Seattle as well but with a fearful and tentative (and trembling) hand.

    Matthew turned 1 a week ago and it's simply shocking and still exhausting. He took 3 steps on December 20. On December 23, he walked a block (as in from one end of our street to the other). He now clambers up the stairs and has learned how to scoot down them on his belly - laughing all the way. He's got 7 teeth and is working on at least one more if not 3.

    I don't pay much mind to percentiles but based on his percentages, he's going to be tall and skinny.

    Am I ready for a second one? Not really. And totally. I am on the 80/20 plan - 80% of the time I do and then the next day, 80% I don't.
    It's back, a little bit.



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