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    I've seen several of you posting angst and woes lately regarding children and thought perhaps someone might be able to help me find some information. A friend of mine is having terrible problems with their 14 year old son. He's simply out of control. He is currently in an exclusive private school and failing every subject. Now he's coming home drunk and stoned, threatening his parents and brother, etc.

    The parents have decided to put him in military school starting with the spring semester. Does anybody here know anything about Howe Military Academy in Indiana? That's the one they seem to have settled on but I can't find any reviews or non-marketing materials about it online.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't know much about military schools, except that they are popular in Virginia, where my kids mostly grew up (until 1999). However, what I heard from them was that the kids who were sent there came back worse -- in particular, the ones who flunked out of them (which was a LOT of them).

    My paralegal is having very similar problems with her 16 year old son, has been doing research on the same issue and is on the verge of sending him here:

    Unfortunately (in a way), my own son was not that bad in his teens -- but he is SO immature that he is "going through adolescence" now at age 21, and there's nothing I can do about it other than kick him out of the house. Even though it isn't as bad as what you describe with your friend's 14 year old, it is sad that he's so unmotivated and lazy and just unpleasant to have around -- and that nothing we say to him is accepted or even heard. I wish your friends well, and hope that their kid learns faster than mine.


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      I applaud them for doing something! At least they are trying.


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        Patty, it's long overdue and frankly their own fault. They created this little monster and now are reaping the rewards of not disciplining their child for the first 10 years of his life and thinking that buying him whatever he wants and not instilling responsibility for actions is a replacement for active, involved parenting.

        I just hope it isn't too late for this kid. I fear it is. But yes, they are finally starting to see the light.


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          It must be hard for your friend to make this big decision. I'm sure they have the best interest of their son. I have heard of Howe Military Academy and it is a pretty good school. The school is Coed college-preparatory military type and they use a unique individualized grading system that help students determine the path they want to take for college. Try looking it up in the Military Boarding School Directory and see for yourself.


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            My grandson was having problems in public school, and they put him in a Christian school and his grades are up, his attitude is better, being around "good" students and showing respect to teachers and others have helped make him better to be around. He does work at his own pace and I think not having the chaos of public school really has helped him, he also is ADHD.
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              Unfortunately, military school did not work for this little guy. Not so little anymore though - he's now of legal age and still technically a junior in high school. If he went to school, that is.

              He was thrown out of a couple of schools including Catholic before Howe, Crazer. He was then thrown out of Howe (a horrid place, I'd like to add - he did more drugs there than before in addition to getting involved with gang and other activity) and placed into a facility in Utah for a year and a half. After that, he came home and was WONDERFUL. The little man I remembered was back and even better than before.

              It lasted about 3 months, I'm told.

              He lost a lot. It isn't coming back. He now works at different part time jobs for a few weeks here & there, sometimes he lasts for a couple of months. He lives at home except for when he takes off in a fit.

              It's a very sad thing.
              It's back, a little bit.