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  • Calling Diana Cox

    In case you missed it someone started a bring back Diana post on OH. I thought you might like to see it, if you haven't already.


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    Yes, isn't that sweet (with one exception, and that one has an interesting view of the truth or a skewed memory)? But I doubt "they" are going to change their minds -- I have it on good authority that a certain AW is in charge of that decision. For now, anyway.


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      Hey, what's not to love about your own personal cheering section?



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        Don't feel too bad Diana, it looks like Tek from the main board (he has Shrek as his avitar) either got banned or offended that they were pulling all of his posts.

        There is a huge uproar on the main board of OH because of it. So at least your in good company.



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          Tek got banned? Why am I not surprised? Heaven forbid anyone be brutally sensible. *sigh*


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            Maybe Tek and I should start a new website: Land of the Banned!

            Funny how main message board people are now saying the very same things about the moderators on OH (which, by the way, is probably primarily You Know Who) that I was saying and which got me banned, which is that the mods are out of their league and on the wrong side of things, entirely. Only there are too many saying it, and posting emails to each other when they are deleted, to stop the conversation entirely. Amy's lamely repeated posting that Tek is "chosing" to not post and is not banned -- despite the apparent fact that he has been put on heavy moderation and his profile has been deleted -- is doing more harm than good. Someone should get her to stop posting these lame rebuttals -- it would be the charitable thing to do. Or maybe her coworkers are leaving her hang out on her own and letting her self-destruct because they've had enough of her too?

            The mods are NOT professionals and they are ruining OH. I cannot emphasize enough that NOTHING that I saw of what Tek was talking about was anything that provided a reasonable business motivation (vis-a-vis the advertisers or the surgeons) for OH mods to be pulling Tek's threads. Rather, this overwhelmingly appears to be the OH mods' personal political opinions trumping those of the members of OH, as exemplified by Tek's erudition, nothing more. The mods (or one specific one) know they are no intellectual match for him, once they crossed him, so they banned him to keep him from speaking the truth, especially about their actions.

            Yes, I believe it is that simple. It has nothing to do with money or business reasons this time, any more than it did when I got banned -- it has to do with un- or under-educated, narrow-minded people being put in a position where they have far more power (the power of censorship) than should be entrusted to them, and they are misusing it.

            Eric Klein is probably out spending his money and blithely ignoring what he thinks is his cash cow -- won't he be surprised when he comes home one day and finds out what the crew of ex-MOs (their only apprent qualification) he hired to run his site, who did not have anything remotely resembling the training or objectivity that is necessary for the job, destroy his business for him -- not because the advertisers go away, but because the MOs do.

            I don't want OH to go under -- it is where most of us first found out information about WLS, and by the good work of those who went before us, found the DS. I would like to be able to post there for that reason, primarily. However, what I also want is for the unnecessary political censorship to stop, especially when it relates to the politics of obesity, for the amateur moderators to be replaced by PROFESSIONALS or at least those who are trained to know when to step in, when to move a thread to a different forum specific for the more lively or controversial subjects (and thus out of sight of the delicate flowers on the main board, but not CENSORED), and when to just let a conversation go on until people get bored and move to another topic.

            So, while I think it is a somewhat amusing coincidence that my "fans" were posting on the OH DS Forum yesterday and today in support of my banning being revoked, and at the same time Tek found himself in a similar situation, mostly it just saddens me that amateur mods are destroying the incredible value of OH by demoralizing some of its strongest and most valued members.

            Back in June, when Amy came on this board to "discuss" things with us, she and I had this exchange:

            From Diana:

            So let's discuss why you pulled a NON-OFFENSIVE post, because some offensive people RESPONDED to it offensively, instead of pulling just the offensive posts. That's all I was complaining about, and all I ever asked you to address. Explain yourself, please. And if you realize you were wrong, remove the ban on posting links to and remove the ban against me.

            From Amy:

            At the time we had in the terms of service that said no political discussions, this post was unfortunately going to that type of discussion and we have several emails about how the post was getting political. OH TOS since has changed and now the post would be allowed, political or not.

            So, what happened? Why were Tek's posts -- and all the posts that were in his threads -- pulled? Nobody has said anything about vulgar language, or even extremist political views -- from what I saw, it was a lively discussion of the politics of obesity, including Tek taking the (provocative, and probably true) position that having MO employees cost companies more than hiring normal-sized folks. If the TOS changed to allow political discussions, why is it that this apparently political post, which apparently disagreed with the mods' own political views, got censored?

            Nobody wins. If anyone has Tek's email address, I would very much appreciate it if you emailed him, and asked him to drop me a note at dianahc AT
            Last edited by dianahc; September 30th, 2006, 01:19 AM. Reason: Grammar -- it's not just the name of your mother's mother from Boston.


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              Well said as usual Diana . I wonder if anyone has alerted Eric Klein to this phenomenon?


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                When I spoke with Amy several months ago, we agreed that extended bashfests of each other's sites does nothing to help our members. I may find it personally distasteful that OH is a commercial site, but it is what it is. And I do not want them disallowing posts that refer people here, because THIS is where the reliable information is! So, we have a detente, and I am honoring that because I stubbornly refuse to take my eyes off the people whom I have always sought to help here.

                This forum would be nothing without the wonderful folks who stick around to pay it forward long after they could have moved on. I am grateful for that! But I don't want to forget the people who are in the the shoes that *we* were in however many years ago. If we turn this place into a platform against personal injustice, we are not helping those people. I'm being stubborn on this one because I don't want newbies to get shuffled out in the fog of some battle that isn't even on their radar.

                Re: What Eric Klein thinks about all this, I agree with Diana. He's probably too busy counting his money to know or care. He has never been the paragon of good communication with peons. I've "known" him for over 7 years online, and on the one or two occasions that I have emailed him over the years, he has never seen fit to grace me with a reply.
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                Melanie in Valrico, FL, age 51
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                  That was very well said Melanie...OH can try and hush, but the truth will prevail. It may take time and more avenues to reach all those in search of WLS,but the DS word is spreading and can't be stopped. I'm so grateful i found out about the DS and the DS Info Zone, before i went and got another type surgery, i'm sure i would have regretted.
                  Thank goodness, for determined, good hearted folks fighting the good battle.. Melanie, Diana and others on the front lines are indespensible. I for one am grateful for your selfless efforts, for , i may not have heard about the DS in time, to make an informed choice of surgery...You ladies are the best, and love and caring will override greed and power trips in the long run...thanks for being here and being who you are...

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