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    Hello everyone,
    I am brand new here and I am just beginning my journey of looking into WLS. I am most curious, at this time, about what insurances are accepted for the DS (preferably around the Bakersfield, CA area). I don't currently have insurance and I am wondering about getting insurance for the purpose of getting the surgery and the length of time I have to keep it and such. If anyone can shed some light for me I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks.

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    You'd have to look at each policy to see if it excludes WLS. I know that others talked about working at Starbucks for 3 to 6mo to qualify for their insurance with the DS.

    I have Kaiser and had to fight for my DS.
    HW 225~SW 205~CW 139~GW 132 BMI 26.3
    DS - Dr Rabkin - Surgery 4/17/08
    PS in Monterrey Jan 13, 2011 with Dr Sauceda


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      You must have health insurance long term after surgery too. How else would you be able to take care of your health? You have a lot of research to do.



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