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    I have a question regarding DS. I elected to have the DS - my surgeon is a surgeon who does the DS.

    He did recommend that I have the RNY instead because I have a lower BMI. He says he usually only gives the DS to clients that have a 50 or greater BMI.He also stated that there are risks having the DNS such as losing to much weight, leakage.

    He says that I will have good results losing the weight with RNY. I still elected the DS but I go back for to 8 days before surgery to make sure that I am sure with my decision.

    I am 54 years old I don't want to do this again, I don't want pouch for a stomach, or severe dumping syndrome.

    I've guess I pretty much have made up my mind. But I always feel like the Dr might know more then I do and that is why he suggested the RNY.

    My current BMI is 40. I have a few comorbity conditions.

    I guess I just want to hear from others that did have a lower BMI and there results.
    Date of surgery is 5/23/12

    Thanks Cindy

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    Hi Cindy,

    You are certainly within the limits of having a DS. If he won't do it - find a surgeon who will. I had a BMI of 42. I lost maybe 5 lbs more than I should have, but quickly regained about 25. Find an experienced DS surgeon would be my advice. Don't settle for a RNY! Most gain back most of their weight after a few years. I only wanted ONE surgery and I didn't want to go through major disappointment yet again about my weight.
    Melinda (Mindy) from Maryland
    Lap BPD/DS 11/19/2002
    Dr. Hazem Elariny in VA


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      I too asked my new surgeon about the DS and he says he reserves those for his patients with BMI of 50 and over. He said an RNY or Sleeve would be best for me. At first he asked me what other had I thought about, I said well since the other surgeon told me my insurance wouldnt pay for a sleeve I guess have to go with an RNY. Well after he had already marked that down on my chart for an RNY, a few days later I find out from his patient advocate that my insurance does pay for the sleeve, so I requested my records to be changed. Well, today I got to talkin to a few DS patients with the same surgeon, said their BMI was NOT 50 or over and he did the DS. They said to call his office or put it in writing to his office that you are requesting the DS and if he dont want to do the DS that I will find one that will. But I dont want to keep bouncing around surgeons if he still dont want to do it. Dont want to get hasty with him. And dont want my ins to get hasty if I have to change surgeons again.


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        Thanks Melinda, I too only want one surgery and my doctor is one of the two surgeons that do DS for the military here in Washington. I just wanted feed back that there was someone else that had a lower bmi, who also had the Duodenal Switch.

        I will continue on my path of getting the DS.

        Thanks again,



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          Cindy -- if you check out there are lots of people these days with lower BMI getting the DS, as opposed to another types of WLS.
          Janet in Reston
          DS 2/25/03
          Dr. Elariny
          Starting weight 320
          Current weight 157


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            Cindy, you are the one that will be living with the choices made about your weight-loss surgery. If you have done your research and are comfortable with your decision, then stick to it. I agree with the others, please make sure that your surgeon is an experienced DS surgeon and that your surgeon is someone that you are comfortable with.


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              Welcome Cindy!
              You can check out if your surgeon is a vetted DS surgeon on this site. Melanie vets them before she puts their info up. Also, has a list of vetted DS surgeons. Most surgeons that push the RNY, really don't do the DS.

              Who is your surgeon? That will help us help you. My BMI was under 40 and I never got to a normal BMI. You don't always lose too much weight.
              HW 225~SW 205~CW 139~GW 132 BMI 26.3
              DS - Dr Rabkin - Surgery 4/17/08
              PS in Monterrey Jan 13, 2011 with Dr Sauceda


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                I'm glad to hear the Madigan docs are continuing with the DS. I recently read a little paper they published about their early experience and it sounds like they are coming right along .

                Chris, the OP is super limited in her choices for the DS, as those two surgeons are the ONLY military surgeons doing the DS to the best of anyone's knowledge. If she can't afford to pay cash, that's all she has, because Tricare doesn't cover the DS.


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                  NOBODY has updated the vetted DS surgeons list in a long time.


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                    You are right, Diana. I lost my hard disk awhile back, and I am still in the process of recreating everything -- now that I'm working outside the home, finding time is much more a challenge!
                    Melanie in Valrico, FL, age 51
                    LapDS by Dr. Rabkin 10/19/99
                    Starting weight 299, now 148
                    Starting size 26/28, now 8


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                      My Surgeon is Dr Martin. He is the only one who was listed as doing the DS for the military at Madigan. (found his name on the internet). But when I called and made the appointment the Surgical Clinic said there is also another doctor who does the DS. Hopefully, he does do the DS and does not give me an RNY. Scary Thought.

                      Glad to know there were other people who had the DS who had lower BMI's. Surgery is two weeks away.


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                        Thank you for the link. I will check it out.