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  • what to expect?

    I apologize in advance for probably asking a question that has already been asked and answered, possibly more than once.

    I am wondering what to expect during the first - say - three months post op. Taking into account that these things vary, how long after the operation is one approximately able to get dressed, climb stairs, do aerobics, ride a bicycle, walk the dog, drive a car, start working again (I have an office job). Any information or a link to a website where such information can be found will be appreciated.
    BPD/DS (lap), 30 June 2003
    dr. Jacques Himpens, Dendermonde (Belgium)

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    You might want to look back through the threads that are posted here to get a good idea. Another thing I suggest is to read people\'s journals and weblogs because there are some great details in there.

    To quickly answer your questions:

    1. You can get yourself dressed within the first week. The only thing you might not be able to do for a couple of weeks is wear a bra comfortably, depending on where your incision ends.

    2. You will be able to climb stairs probably also within the first week. My surgery was Monday and I was walking up stairs on Saturday. I wasn\'t happy about it and it was a little slow, but I was able to do it.

    3. Aerobics? Probably not for a while. Your surgeon will probably have more specifics for you. While I was walking with ease a week post op, I don\'t know how long it would have been had I wanted to do something like aerobics. I was on the treadmill after a month, however.

    4. Bicycle, probably a couple of weeks. Maybe 3.

    5. I don\'t know how it is there but here you are not permitted to drive while taking prescription pain medications. Once you\'re off of them, you can drive.

    6. When you start working is sort of dependent upon your recovery. Generally speaking, people seem to feel that 6 weeks is a comfortable time to return to work. I know of some who waited 8 weeks and still others who were back to work in 4, some even less than that but I wouldn\'t suggest it.

    Hope this helps!