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  • Post-op patients: How long?

    Hi there,
    I\'m new to the board here. I\'ve been researching the open ds procedure for quite some time now and decided to go with this surgery over the RNY. I\'m pretty confident in this procedure as well as the performing surgeon, Dr. Peter Crookes @ USC in Los Angeles. My question is to post-op patients: how long did the recover take? I work from home, part-time as a graphic designer and have 3 little ones to care for. My husband plans to take some time off work to help care for me and the kids but I\'m wondering how soon I can physically go back to work since my job doesn\'t require much of any labor anyways. Gotta make that money!

    Thanks for any info you can provide!

    Open DS 8.20.2004
    Dr. Peter Crookes | USC | Los Angeles, California

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    Hi Jade.....welcome to the DS Info Zone... everyone heals differently, i had Lap. surgery, which i feel quickens the recoverey time as opposed to open surgery....and of course there is the possibilty of complications that could arise...i just went with how i felt, your body will tell you...i healed very quickly and was up and going relatively soon....i feel it\'s good to move your body and get your circulation going, it helps with healing your wounds....don\'t lift heavy objects,when you feel tried , take a rest/ long will it take...? a few weeks, a couple of months..? were all different, listen to your body, and if your fortunate enough to have good after care, listen to your doctor....Kevin

    Surgery Feb.11/04
    Lap.BPD/DS Age:51
    Frankfurt, Germany
    Pre-op weight..340lbs.
    Apirl 11,04....282lbs.
    May 11,04......259lbs.
    June 11,04.....244lbs.
    July 11,04.....233lbs.
    August 11,04...221lbs.
    Feb.11,05......One Year Post Op....187lbs.
    May 11,05......15 months 175-180lbs.
    Aug.11,05......18 months 170-175lbs.
    Dec.11,05......22 months
    Oct.01,06......32 months
    180-190 lbs.
    Feb.11,2007....3 yrs...195lb.


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      I had mine open, and my only physical restrictions were no driving for the first two weeks, and no lifting of more than ten pounds for the first 8 weeks. I think you can start working by about the third week, but you might need some help with the little ones because of the lifting restriction.


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        Ms Batt,
        I had an open procedure and I went back to work after 6 weeks, even then I was tired almost all the time.Recovery differs from one individual to the next.Hope yours is a speedy one.
        Open BPD/DS
        pre op wt- 243lbs (11/25/02)
        current wt( 05/03/03) -171lbs
        current wt( 07/02/03) -162lbs
        current wt( 10/31/03) -127lbs
        Drs Nicastro/McMullen( Staten Island,NY)


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          Jade, plan for the worst - hope for the best. Personally I had made plans to be back to work 2 weeks after my surgery. As it turned out, it was 3 months before I could return to work. I did not believe that the complications that I had read about would really happen to me. I had a great surgeon, I was only 29 years old at the time, and although super morbidly obese, I felt that I had a strong constitution. Anywhoo, you never know, so I recommend planning some extra time for recovery.

          Switched Feb 17th, 2003 by Dr. Christian Oakley

          Starting weight - 453lbs BMI=59.8
          April 27th, 2003 - 373lbs BMI=49.2
          May 27th, 2003 - 348lbs BMI=45.9
          June 27th, 2003 - 329lbs BMI = 43.4
          July 27th, 2003 - 316lbs BMI = 41.7
          August 27th 2003 - 293lbs BMI - 38.7
          November 27th 2003 - 279 BMI - 36.86
          January 27th 2004 - 268 BMI - 35.41
          April 27th 2004 - 259 BMI - 34.22
          November 10th 2004 - 249 BMI - 32.9
          January 31st 2005 - 229 BMI - 30.2
          June 1st 2005 - 235 BMI (I\\\'ve been weight training)


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            Replying to Topic \'Post-op patients: How long?\'

            I just had it done dec 22. I was planning to do the surgery over Christmas break and return to school after 2 weeks. Fortunatley I failed calculas and got suspended.
            I didn\'t have any complications at all but it still took me almost a month before I started feeling ok. It\'s taken a while for me to relearn how my body feels whether your hungry or full and you seem tired all the time. Things get easier as the weight drops though. I have a way to go yet and I\'m just now getting to the point where I actually want to do stuff.
            Take a lot of time off if you can do it. Just tell your coach your on injured reserve.
            You will also have emotional problems to deal with.
            Switched by Dr. Oakley in BG, Ohio.
            Starting weight 458 on 12/22/03
            3 weeks 400 -58 pds (This sucks what the hell was I thinking?)
            2-24-04 350 -108 pds (I\\\'m almost back to being a human. Why did I do this to myself?)
            5-25-04 320 -138 pds (feeling better, almost to pre-surgery level)
            11-5-04 285 -173 pds (Doing good, feeling good. I went to a restaurant with my wife and actually fit behind the table in a booth without setting my stomach on top of it ..WOOHOO!!!!)