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  • Simple and Complex Carbs

    Can you post ops confirm or deny:

    1) Simple carbs are off limits for the vast majority of you because carb digestion on the whole is not affected by this surgery.

    2) Complex carbs are okay, and even desireable for health, but they will also slow your weight loss. Or maybe okay for some people, but not others?

    3) Has anyone conquered a sugar addiction with the help of this surgery?

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    Replying to Topic \'Simple and Complex Carbs\'

    We can eat simple sugars in that we don\'t dump (get sick) from them but they are well absorbed and will slow down our weight loss. So will complex carbs if we have too many of them. Both protein and fat are malabsorbed after a DS. So we must eat lots of protein. Also, too many fats can cause many of us diarrhea and \"oil slicks\".

    The only way to conquer any addiction, as far as I know, is treatment--via counseling or a 12-step program.

    DS 11/03/03
    317/203 (-114 and counting!)


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      Replying to Topic \'Simple and Complex Carbs\'

      This is my understanding---post-op, we malabsorb EVERYHTING to some degree, because we now only have a fraction as much fully-functional small intestine as we did pre-op. Yes, we still have all our original intestines, but only in the common channel does our food and our digestive juices mix in the normal manner.

      Some foods are more easily digested than others---refined sugar is so easily digested that we start absorbing it the minute it hits our tongue. Starches are a little harder to digest, but we DO malabsorb them somewhat. Complex carbs are harder still to digest, and some foods cause our bodies to burn up about as much energy in digesting them as they produce. (Celery, for instance.) Proteins and fats are even harder to digest, so we need to eat lots of protein. (Yum!) And we ALL know what happens when we eat more fat than our new plumbing can process.

      My surgeon has never told me that anything is completely \"off limits\" for me, but that in order to maximize my weight loss I should avoid refined sugar as much as possible, and limit my simple carbs. (Complex carbs I never even think about.) Simple carbs do cause me some intestinal distress if I over-eat them---lots of BMs and/or gas the next day, which is a pretty good sign I\'m NOT fully absorbing them any longer, lol! Potatoes give me less trouble than bread or pasta, and rice I just don\'t seem to WANT any more.

      I don\'t seem to want sugar as much, either, but I was never really a big sweet eater, so I can\'t help much there.


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        Replying to Topic \'Simple and Complex Carbs\'

        I\'ve kind of lost my taste for sugar also. Lately I have been craving fresh fruits and veggies, and ice water. Now that is very wierd for me. But the peaches and nectarines are in season and taste so good, I just love them. How much am I slowing my weightloss by eating them?



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          Replying to Topic \'Simple and Complex Carbs\'

          First, nothing is off limits. It is just a question of whether or not the farts and other gastric issues are worth the temptation

          I fully disagree that counseling or a 12 step is the only way to kick an addiction, but that\'s another story altogether. Sugar is still going to be a part of your life, but you will eventually learn moderation to some degree.

          I have resumed eating candy bars not daily but I don\'t live for them anymore. They don\'t cause me terrible problems but my head is on straighter now too so perhaps it does cure an addiction; I don\'t use food as a crutch any longer so the food doesn\'t play the same role in my life. If anything, I don\'t want food anymore but that too is another topic.


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            Replying to Topic \'Simple and Complex Carbs\'

            I was way too strict at first and I probably actually slowed down my weightloss. The people here set me straight. I was not a volume eater, I was metabolically challenged from a lifetime of dieting. I eat more post-op than I did as a pre-op!

            I can eat anything. If I really want a dessert that\'s bad bad bad, I just do the 3 bite thing or share with someone else. If I can\'t live without that candy bar, I have to run 2 extra miles BEFORE I get to eat it. I still do protein first and probably 75% of what I eat is protein dense.

            I used to believe the only good carb is the one you don\'t eat! I was fanatic about avoiding carbs. A horrible day for me was doing the urine test and not seeing profound ketosis. I have moderated my position. I eat all the vegetable carbs I want(not potatoes/rice). I have some kind of fruit 2 or 3 times a week. I still avoid bread, pasta, processed sugars, and rice. In the past year, I have eaten 1 hamburger bun and 2 potatoes. I do have low carb pasta, no sugar added icecream, and low carb candy every once in a while. Occasionally, I just can\'t turn down a taco. I hate to say this but if I were to trip over a loaf of homemade bread this morning, I just might have a piece. I am trying to transition myself from fanatic to reasonable.

            We do malabsorb everything! We malabsorb simple carbs the least. Did you know we actually start digesting those darn things before we even swallow? It\'s the enzymes in our saliva. I choose to avoid simple carbs most of the time. Complex carbs, I will eat more often. I try to eat the ones that do have legitimate food value vs empty calories. I believe it\'s more important to learn to make smart choices than to avoid any food group completely. Those of you who know me well can pick yourselves up off the floor now!

            The possibilities of malnutrition after the DS are very real. For quite a while after surgery, you won\'t have room for much other than protein. When you finally have the room to add more foods, hopefully you have learned to make better choices. You will have seen dramatic improvement in your health and appearance. For me, that was enough. I wasn\'t very interested in sugar any more. I still tell myself every day that nothing tastes better than being thin feels.


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              Replying to Topic \'Simple and Complex Carbs\'

              \"NOTHING TASTES BETTER THAN BEING THIN FEELS\" I like that Patty and I am going to use it if you don\'t mind . My saying which was heard I think on TV was \" A moment on the lips a life time on the hips\" But your is very true I am loving the way being thinner is feeling.

              I myself as far as eating am eating absoultely what ever I want right now from simple carbs to complex carbs to fat to protein. ANd alot more simple carbs than I should I have been really bad this past month. I am 13 months post-op have done what I feel is super with no complications and weight loss but all along was very \"fanatic\" about what I was eating even though it was way more than I ate pre-op it was different but this past month I have been eating whatever including my sugar daily and to much and can say I have reached my first real plateau this is the first month I have gone and not lost weight but can\'t really call it a plateau I guess it is more my fault cause I know my eating has changed drasticly from the past year so I am sure that is what is causing the no weight loss.

              Everyones different some eat carbs some don\'t and whether you do or not comparing the weight loss is different with everyone as well you just need to figure out how the DS will work for you. SOme can eat carbs and lose others can\'t so it is trial and error and learning our sytems and changing what we have to that will work for us.

              DS 05-21-03
              Dr Leonard Fichter
              as of 09-12-04 133lbs gone


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                Replying to Topic \'Simple and Complex Carbs\'

                i don\'t touch white sugar or bleached flour products...while in the weight lose process, post-op, it works against you to eat these things....i get more sugar than i want or need from eating fresh fruit daily, as well as carbs....i don\'t eat white rice, i do eat brown rice, which of course has carbs, but it\'s a whole grain,and popcorn in moderation which gives me fiber like the fresh fruit and helps alot with
                elimating loose stool.....
                AFTER...i lose the weight and hopefully reach my goal....i may indulge in a treat loaded with sugar....but until then, i treat white sugar as the enemy, and use stevia instead, which happens to
                provide some health was mentioned in this post by others, it\'s about making smart/healthy choices with our foods....i had the DS for health reasons, it\'s not a cure-all,it\'s a weight loss tool... it has to do with long term weight loss success and enhancing a new healthier a person with first had experience, couseling or a 12 step program may help you RedShoes with your sugar or any addiction, everyone is different, some people may not benefit, alot have like me.... Kevin

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                  Replying to Topic \'Simple and Complex Carbs\'

                  I think things vary for each and every one of us.. some people eat what they want .. some people become lactose intolerant.. some can\'t handle simple carbs.. some can\'t eat chicken.. A lot of people have mentioned eating popcorn for fiber that is my biggest trigger food.. if I eat popcorn count me out for the following days activities ::and that was my fav snack before surgery:: same goes for lettuce of any type. I really do miss salads but not willing to go thru the agony.

                  And the sugar addiction.. I struggle with each and everyday, I loved it before and still love it after nothing has changed that.. and I can eat A LOT of it with out consequences it is a will power thing I am working on every day :: and being honest with myself most likely the reason for my *slow* weight loss :: in addition to having a now admited/recognized eating disorder, which I also work on one day at a time.
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