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Has anyone tried the lemonade diet also know as the master cleanse?? Page Title Module
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    hi Melinda. im ok with your response. no i wasn't getting the correct amount of protein. each broth has 15 grams only. Now off the cleanse i eat 3 over medium eggs with cheese every morning and drink the atkins 1-2 times a day plus other protein foods and almonds and one chicken broth a day. i hope your levels go back up. i may try the hard boiled eggs too.

    take care


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      happy you need to eat at least 100g of protein every day. Are you getting at least that much?


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        Happy ~ I to have seemed to post and make people respond in a manner that is sometimes a little hard to take but I have come to think that it's just the way they type and mean no harm, I hope.

        I try to be kind to everyone, but sometimes the typed word can be cruel when not intended.

        Just to respond ~ I had the DS 13 years ago and would never fast or cleanse, just don't think it's a good idea, so be careful.

        ~Peace, Sherri


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          I can't imagine why you thought you'd get a whole bunch of supportive or enthusiastic responses for a crash liquid diet combined with rigorous exercise as a post op. However, I don't think the ferocity of some of what I read before I finally stopped was called for.

          No, I've not tried Master Cleanse, but I've wanted to. Reading that it really reduced gas issues of course makes sense because you're not eating anything that would give you gas, but that actually appeals to me as well.

          I sincerely doubt that every long term post op has remained 100% true to post operative instructions every single day since surgery. If you say you have, well I just don't believe you and I'm not going to so save your typing in trying to defend or say otherwise. We're all human and nobody does all of the right things each and every day.

          I'd also like to add that not every post op required 100 grams of protein daily. Again, save your typing to refute the statement. 100 grams is not the hard line. Some only need 75, others need as much as 120.

          If you go on a cleanse for a week, you're not going to suffer long term problems although you may feel like crap when you return to regular food. This is NOT something that should be continued or done on a regular basis though, and I only say that for those who may be reading this thread interested in the "highlights" of the cleanse - the benefits to you, and miss the bigger picture.

          I completely understand why you'd do it, just prior to a tummy tuck. No, probably not the best time to go protein free because it *can* impact recovery. But again, it's all in moderation. There are a lot of people out there who have compromised digestive issues naturally that are far worse than a DS post operative gut who either go on fasts for religious or even medical purposes and they survive.

          Anyway, just wanted to lend a public "I understand". Because I do.


          It's back, a little bit.


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            I would strongly suggest that DSers make every effort to get 100g of protein in every day. And I strongly believe that doing a "cleanse" is a very bad idea for DSers.


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              Be very careful and listen to these lovely ladies. No more fad diets or cleansers. Let your tool work for you and with you. Low or specific carbs. Protiens. These are important. c