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    Re: Lastest Labs Results


    That's so great. I always love to hear how longer post ops are doing in that regard.
    I have a question - you mentioned you have no insurance. Do you pay for your labs youself? And how much is it in the states?
    I'm asking because when I went in to my physician to have my last labs done she told me she wanted to check with the medical board to see if insurance even covers such labs or if I had to pay for them myself. I think that sucks because,
    1. my insurance refused to pay for surgery to begin with, so I did that myself already. I still pay their extremely high rates every month, so shouldn't they cover SOMETHING?
    2. they test my blood for my elevated liver enzymes and my thyroid anyway, and
    3. if I never had the DS I still could be low on some vitamin as some people have mentioned before. How are they to know or prove if something relates to the DS?

    All the best to you,


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      Re: Lastest Labs Results

      Kevin, that sounds good.

      BTW, as a patient of Pomp & Gagner; I can tell you they (and their nutritionists) are VERY into Vit. D. I take tons of calcium, plus ADEKs, plus 32,000+ units of Vit. D per week. So, don't be upset or surprised if they decide to increase your Vit. D dramatically after you're finished w/the Rx. Most of us have been on that Rx at least once & then the protocol was increased to the 32,000+ units per week.

      But you're right. You're in good hands & let me tell you -- I get 13 vials of blood taken every 6 mos. so they do, indeed, do a lot of looking.


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        Re: Lastest Labs Results

        She...Yes i pay for my labs out of pocket, and its not cheap..!
        I believe most insurance coverage in the US does pay for blood works, but i also think it depends on your ins company and the type of coverage you have..
        Until now, my labs usaully cost me between $300-400 a shot...
        Dr.Gagner ordered extensive labs, the most i've ever had done,costing me over $1,800.00...!! Ditto in 6 months..!! So yes,blood labs are expensive here in the USA...!

        Surgery Feb.11/04
        Lap.BPD/DS Age:51
        Frankfurt, Germany
        Pre-op weight..340lbs.
        Apirl 11,04....282lbs.
        May 11,04......259lbs.
        June 11,04.....244lbs.
        July 11,04.....233lbs.
        August 11,04...221lbs.
        Feb.11,05......One Year Post Op....187lbs.
        May 11,05......15 months 175-180lbs.
        Aug.11,05......18 months 170-175lbs.
        Dec.11,05......22 months
        Oct.01,06......32 months
        180-190 lbs.
        Feb.11,2007....3 yrs...195lb.


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          Good Information!

          Excellent advise Kevin about planning in advance for any potential DS related emergencies. In WV, as far as I know, my DS surgeon is the only one that has ever performed the DS! So my SOP is to ALWAYS keep a copy of my operative report in my glove box (my wife and PCP also have copies). Also I have instructed my wife that in the event that I am unable to communicate or should I become unconciousness for whatever reason in an emergency (especially if it's suspected that I may have a problem in the stomach area) to have me transported to one of the nearest hospitals where my DS surgeon has priviledges and to have him contacted immediately since IMO he is the only doctor within 100 miles of my home (including my PCP) who truly understands how my stomach area is constructed and what the problem could be!

          P.S. Since I'm new this forum, is it my imagination that most of the members of this forum are female? Just curious

          SW 380 (10/04)
          CW 160 (4/12)