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  • Fruit & Veg=0 weight loss

    I spent the past week following my nutritionists guide for 'eating a healthy DS diet'. I ate 4 meals a day with each having some carbs (from fruit and/or veg) and averaged 85-100 grams of protein. I had a much better week with BMs, but I weighed in for the week yesterday and found that I gained 3 pounds. Quite a shock as I've gotten used to losing 5-7 pounds per week (almost 7 weeks post-op). And I have to tell you seeing the number pop up on the read-out and start with a 3 again brought a tear to my eye

    I'm wondering if others had weeks (early on) when they actually gained weight over the course of a week?

    I told my husband I'm going back to the food that was giving me good results (only meat, cheese and protein bars/shakes) -- and eliminating the fruit and veg. He's concerned about that -- thinks I need to have a more 'normal' diet. He suggested I ask if anyone had a like experience? Did you stick with mainly meat through the initial losing process or did you eat a varied menu with 'good' carbs?

    I'm staying calm because I know I was getting good results before the change. I appreciate any insight you can give me.


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    I know you feel like you've finally started to get your feet back under you at almost 7 weeks out, but really, you're still a newbie. Not to worry... There's definately some bouncing around the scale will do. You should expect that. Lots of people will post- throw your scale away! I never could. I need information. But you can make yourself crazy with it. Don't do that. Stress affects weight. One thing that might help your peace of mind is getting a scale that measures not only your weight but the proportion of fat to muscle to water. If you gain 3 pounds of water weight, you don't worry about that as much as 3 pounds of fat. That said, you don't really need to worry about the 3 pounds of fat either, right now. There's no way this tool won't work, Deb. Your body will most likely lose, adjust and reset (plateau), lose again, adjust, reset, lose again, over and over. You have to trust it to go at it's pace. Concentrate on your protein and water and IF you have room, eat some low glycemic veg. Then whole grain carbs. Fruits last (some people might reverse those two depending on how their body reacts to the varying sugar load with gassy byproducts). Some of us didn't add any carbs back into the diet until all the weight was gone. Tell your husband not to worry about the "Normal" diet. For one thing, you're so new, you still don't have a normal digestive system, you're still learning on the inside just how to process and store these foods. Just because you feel back to normal doesn't mean you are. You will get the nutrition you need from the supplements. That's why you must become a radical supplement taker for the rest of your life. Even if you eat what looks like a healthy diet to DH, your malabsorption requires extra supplementation. He's gonna have to get his head around you and your body knowing what's best for you.


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      Deb -- I go back and forth because I love fruits and veggies but they don't love me. In my mind I should eat them because they are "healthy" but not to an average DSer. I know there are some DSers who can eat fruits and veggies and don't have any weight gain but other do experience a gain. I am one of those.

      We have spent our entire lives thinking that healthy equals fruits and veggies but for a DSer healthy is more protein and fats.

      Another thing I've learned with fruits is that I can't digest fruit skin. Love grapes but I can't digest the skin. Same with apples. At least with apples I can peel them. The only fruit that doesn't seem to bother me are bananas. I eat one every day. I can only eat a half of an apple at a sitting.

      You can find a balance. It's just trial and error to discover what works for you.
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        My feeling is that you are probably fine..

        I never weighed myself after my procedure unless I was going to the Dr. I was not, and am still not a slave to my scale. It's about how I FEEL, not the # I see on the scale. This used to drive everyone around me nuts - because they always wanted to know how much I lost, and I never knew. I didn't even OWN a scale.

        I am now about 167, which is 10 lbs under MY personal goal.. I was at 155 at one point, but I looked terribly gaunt. Most of my problem is excess flesh - someday I may have that removed.

        Anyways, I think it is normal for the scale to bounce about a bit.. not to worry. You could also be retaining some water!

        Hang in there! You're doing great!
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        having a bit of a bouncing rebound.. trying to lose the 15 lbs I found.