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  • Liquid Diet

    What does a liquid diet consist of? I haven't had my Pre Op yet so Im sure I would get more info then.
    Eric Roberts

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    If you're talking about clear liquids immediately after surgery, that usually lasts just for a couple of days and consists mostly of broths, juices, jello, ice pops, etc. I think I was on clear liquids for just a couple of days, then moved on to pureed foods for a couple of days, followed by soft foods, followed by solid foods. I think I was eating "regular" food within a week or so of surgery.

    My surgeon also had me on clear liquids one day prior to surgery during the "cleanout".
    Janet in Reston
    DS 2/25/03
    Dr. Elariny
    Starting weight 320
    Current weight 157


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      I was on a clear liquid diet for 2 weeks prior to surgery and 2 weeks afterward! Yikes. I was soooo sick of gingerale and chicken broth ( i snuck in eggs so it had more protein and I could pretend it was more normal - egg drop soup). I did lose 14 pounds those 2 weeks before surgery though.


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        I was on a clear liquid diet for 2 days preop. Water, Jell-0, Gatorade. Only no red. Apparently, it interferes w/the dye they use during the surgery.


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          Many here have heard me sing the praises of Profect protein drink. Well, because they're a clear liquid I was able to drink one the night before surgery. It was great because I wasn't as hungry as I usually am when I have to fast for some procedure.




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