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    Originally posted by Bridg View Post
    I hit the two month mark last week. I've lost 52 pounds total. I have no problems getting in all my fluids, but I'm still plagued by nausea that is bothersome enough to interfere with getting enough protein day to day. I also have to watch how I take my supplements so they don't upset my stomach.

    I'm a little sad about this. I've gone from having an iron stomach that could stand anything to having a stomach so sensitive that I gag and throw up at the least little things. Even coughing too hard can bring it on. Spicy food is totally out of the question. I'm happiest eating broccoli and cheese soup, mashed potatoes, finely chopped grilled chicken (dark meat preferred), Malt O Meal, grilled fish and vegetables. Steak is also good; hamburger makes me gag. I can't stand fast food now - my stomach rolls at the mere smell of french fries. Most processed food tastes funny to me now. I much prefer to prepare my own food or eat in a decent restaurant, as long as the food is not deep fried.

    I'm still lactose intolerant. It's not a big deal to me. I just take Lactaid wen I eat or drink dairy and I do just fine with it.

    The problems I had with gas have largely gone away. I have one or two BMs most days (morning and sometimes evening). I'm grateful the gas has settled down - it was really gross for awhile.

    I have noticed that my skin is much drier than it used to be, probably because I'm absorbing so little fat. The fact that I live in the frozen tundra also probably has something to do with it. I've lost some hair, but I had really thick hair to begin with, so it isn't noticeable. If anything, my hair is easier to style now because it isn't so heavy.

    Two months and 52 pounds down. 60 more pounds to go!
    Hi Bridg
    I am thrilled you managed to control the gas.
    I did not do the DS yet and am schedueld for the 24th of this month, but teh gas and bad smell is me largest fear. Please tell me what you did


    new me