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    B 3 egg omelette with 4 slices american cheese
    2 slices wheat toast with lots of butter
    L peanut butter (3 tBSP PB) and jelly sandwhich
    1 can chicken noodle soup (ok, I didn't grocery shop all last week so it was scrounge in the cabinet day)
    S 1 soft pretzle
    D 1/4 rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole
    S 1 bowl double fiber oatmeal.


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      Oh, these food posts are soooo very encouraging. I can hardly wait to eat normal food again. Keep up the posts, I am sure I am not the only one enjoying reading them. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can eat and actually enjoy it afterwards! Joann


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        B 2 toaster strudel bacon egg & cheese 4 g protein each, coffee
        L Marie Calander Fried chicken w/ mashed potatoes 30 g, diet coke w/ lime
        S Protein bar 15 g
        D Pork Tenderloin, 6 oz 36 g w/ sesame noodles and beet/mandarin orange salad, raspberry crystal light
        S (planned, eng muf w/ 3 TBSP peanut butter & 2 cups lactaid 14 g + 16 g)
        119 g protein today. Ok - now this is a normal day for me.


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          I can eat

          I am amazed at what I can eat it is getting a lot better with certain foods has this happened to others? What gave me problems last month I am having little problems with this month.

          2 cups coffee with a lot of cream
          1 6 oz yogurt
          1hour in between
          3 pcs bacon
          2 eggs
          Lunch Panera bread half chicken ceasar sandwhich with greek salad xxfeta
          Dinner: Taco salad all the fixins
          Snack: 4 pcs of assorted cheese handfull of blueberries
          and a bite of fudge


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            Originally posted by rese View Post
            I am amazed at what I can eat it is getting a lot better with certain foods has this happened to others? What gave me problems last month I am having little problems with this month.
            I feel comfortable saying that this happens to everyone. The farther out you get from surgery the easier it is to eat (your tummy is healing). That's why those of us long-term post-ops tell newbies to keep trying different foods. One day something may not agree with you and the next day it's fine. Before you know it's you'll be eating foods without really having to think about it.

            Patience is the key word with food.
            Janet in Reston
            DS 2/25/03
            Dr. Elariny
            Starting weight 320
            Current weight 157


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              Yeah, me too. I thought I'd lost cottage cheese forever and that was one of my favorite foods. Now I eat it all the time.


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                Oh man cottage cheese

                I was lactose intolerant before, now still am but I can eat cottage cheese and it doesn't bother me YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!. I just hope I can eat a bowl of cereal(Total cereal is my favorite) with skim milk in the future. I keep trying and it is getting better. I have tried all the no lactose milks, soy, etc... yuck!!!!!!


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                  Have you tried Lactaid WHOLE milk in the paper carton? I tried it first in a plastic gallon jug and thought it was awful! Then I tried the low fat version, that was better but still yuk. The next thing was a really good one - that's Land -o-Lakes brand lactose free milk. Not different tasting from regular milk, but it's really hard to find. The grocery store brand was the next best thing, but then one day they were out and only had the lactaid brand. SO I tried the whole milk in the cardboard 1/2 gallon carton and it's SO different from the plastic jug taste. Try it. I agree -- SOY milk is gross! Even the chocolate. Blek.


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                    Breakfast-Eggs with cheese and tomatoes, slice of high protien wheat bread
                    Mid Morning-Bag of M&M's
                    Lunch-Taco Bell Hard Taco, chips with beans
                    Mid Afternoon Snack-Baby ice cream cone
                    Dinner-Chicken/Steak from the grill
                    Switched January 8, 2002
                    Weight 299 lbs.
                    Present Weight 145 lbs.


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                      Thanks shrinker

                      I started trying all different brands a couple of months out from surgery, lactaid, soy and land o lakes(mmmm it was good!!! anything land o lakes is good). I still cannot stomach the lactaid and I cannot find the land o lakes milk here in TN.. I might ask one or more of my stores to see if they order and see how it does???


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                        English muffin w/egg,cheese, sausage(only top of muffin)
                        snack:slimfast cereal bar, handfull of cherries(fresh)

                        Lunch:One yeast roll with my Blue cheese& Steak salad( heavy steak & blue cheese)

                        Snack: 2pcs colby cheese

                        Tuna salad: with wheat crackers

                        Water,vits, and I still have one more snack left?
                        I also went for a 1mile walk boy(my feet are killing me)and took my kids bike riding WhooooHoooo!!!


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                          Breakfast: yogurt with granola and a banana mixed in, coffee

                          Snack: nectarine
                          Snack: ate some of last night's dinner leftovers: sausage and bean stew with rice

                          Lunch: huevos rancheros, with a side of beans cooked in lamb stock, toasted pita bread

                          Snack: Tomato and swiss cheese sandwich

                          Dinner coming up: chicken braised in white wine, ginger, garlic, shallots
                          roasted potatoes with parsley and butter
                          brussel sprouts roasted with pancetta
                          lemon pound cake
                          Bottle of Nebbiolo

                          (everything cooked by me, all meals eaten by two people)

                          I'm 8.5 years post-op. I eat everything, and I eat a lot. And with exercise that I started seriously over the summer, I've lost a bit of weight without changing a thing about what I eat.


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                            This is just today

                            Pre-breakfast; Boiled egg, 3 cups of coffee

                            Breakfast: Fried potatoes, turkey bacon, 3pcs ham, 2 eggs fried

                            Snack1: yogurt, 3 stalks of celery with a lot I mean a lot of peanut butter

                            Snack 2 or lunch: Handfull of shrimp, 3 gyoza, cottage cheese 1/2 cup.

                            Dinner Chicken fingers, lima beans, fried potatoes, Chocolate cake

                            Snack 3 ??????????????? don't know yet


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                              DS2000 what you eat sounds wonderful

                              Please list what you ate, you gave me some ideas on thursday of what to make for dinner for my family. Sounded and tasted excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                                Your are so right

                                As a newby I experiment with new foods all the time and it is true if it doesn't work one week try again a little later. I couldn't eat salad, milk, or oatmeal. I can now eat oatmeal with a little milk in the morning. My body tells me very fast on what it will put up with and what it won't.