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    Yesterday's meals (still on the road):

    Breakfast (from a buffet):
    Coffee with cream
    Scrambled eggs (at least two)
    Bacon 4 strips
    A few cubes of home fries
    A few cubes of melon
    A box of yoghurt

    Gin & Tonic (about 1/2)
    Iced tea w/splenda
    Fancy salad
    Most of a big piece of nicely prepared salmon (how the hell do they do that? Simultaneously serve about 2000 people perfectly cooked fish?)
    Some cheesy potato-y thing (about 1/2 of it)
    The fruit off of an apple tart

    Iced tea

    Iced tea
    Filet mignon
    A little steamed carrots and aspargus
    Baked potato and sour cream

    Roll with a lot of butter
    More tea

    Wow -- lots of meat, eggs, fish and potatoes!


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      I have the cold from Hades atm so I think that is effecting my eating habits but here is today so far:

      Breakfast: Progresso microwave container-full chicken noodle soup with probably 6-7 saltines broken up in it and about 1 cup of low acid OJ.

      Snack: 2 Snack sized Twix bars 1 cup Sierra Mist Cranberry lemon lime soda

      Lunch: 1/2 a HUGE homemade cold cut sandwich with turkey, ham, 5 kinds of cheese, and mustard on an onion roll. a few (3 or 4) baked lays chips.

      Lunch#2: 3/4ths of a 1/4 lb burger from last night with about 1/2 the bun about 7 extra pickles a TON of ketchup and about 3 pieces of Kraft singles cheese, another cup Sierra Mist Cranberry lemon lime soda

      Snack (so far): 1 large chocolate chip cookie

      I will most likely have another snack or 2 then dinner will probably be a frozen dinner. I'll try to get in a lot more fluid but (while this may sound like a good amount of food) I've been eating all day cause I'm sick and down in weight more than I normally like to be (I'm 114 when I prefer 125ish) and am having trouble getting the pounds back.
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      7-8-05 Consultation with Dr. Lutrzykowski Bloomfield Hills, MI
      9/6/05 Pre-op: 5'2" 290 lbs. BMI 53.1!
      9/7/05 Open BPD/DS
      3-22-06 Very open adhesion removal.
      2/2/07 Hernia repair and abdominoplasty.
      6/1/07 brachioplasty, axilla excision, and breast augmentation.
      9/14/07 mastopexy, muscle repair.
      5/15/08 Adhesion removal, lap this time!!
      6/25/08 Small bowel resection/revision of connections. Lap again! Thanks Dr. Enochs!
      12/12/08 thigh skin excision
      2/4/09 adhesion removal...again
      6/19/09 adhesion removal...again

      2/24/09 5'2" 119lbs. BMI 21.8!! HOLY POOP I'M NORMAL!!!


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        Today I had (not all at once):

        2 small bananas
        2 Lindt mint truffles
        3 bites from a push-up sorbet pop
        4-shot Americano
        5 cups of coffee
        half gallon of water
        4 double stuffed oreos
        1/4 pound container of mashed potatoes
        green beans with slivered almonds
        A shellfish concoction - scallops and shrimp with crimini, white, and portab mushrooms in a garlic cream sauce...way yum - recipe (and picture) on my blog
        Couple of bites of Brie

        In reading what the rest of you eat, I must say I'm quite jealous that you can eat that much and maintain your weight the way you do...and not spend 3+ hours in the bathroom.
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          Originally posted by anna f View Post
          I love your humour Jenn, I too can't give up sugar, it's so hard even harder is having no bread.

          anna xx
          Isn't that part of the perk of DS; you don't absorb all your carbs, right?
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            Originally posted by girl81 View Post
            Isn't that part of the perk of DS; you don't absorb all your carbs, right?
            Carbs are what you want to avoid if you want to lose all your weight. Sugar bad! I always tell people to lose the weight first, then figure out what you can have without gaining.

            We absorb 100% of the simple sugars we eat. We malabsorb some complex carbohydrates. Even more than 2 years post, we still malabsorb @ 80% of the fat we eat. That's one reason why most of us eat hi fat. We also eat hi protein because of the malabsorbtion.

            Some people manage to eat hi protein and whatever else they want and still lose all the weight. Others don't. Once you are all healed up and ready to lose, the ideal diet is similar to Atkins induction. If you're lucky, you will lose all the weight and get to eat like a madman for a few months till your window closes!


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              I am going on your diet! LOL!


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                Originally posted by AmandaLeigh View Post
                I haven't been eating much lately. I have recently been getting full/uncomfortable a lot quicker. Dunno why.

                So, stating that, this is yesterday for me:

                Breakfast 7:30AM:
                *3 scrambled eggs with butter, salt & pepper
                *bowl of oatmeal with butter, heavy cream & brown sugar (added fiber to it)
                *cup of coffee with splenda and heavy cream

                Snack 11:45AM:
                *1 packet tuna with mayo, mustard, salt & pepper
                *1 slice whole wheat bread

                Lunch 2:30PM:
                *4 hot dogs with ketchup and mustard to dip them in (no buns)
                *a few carrot and celery sticks with ranch dip

                Snack 4PM:
                *cup of coffee with Splenda & Coffee Mate
                *cup of leftover beef stew (carrots, potatoes & mushrooms in a white mushroom-based gravy.) Minus the beef. (There were probably bits of beef in it, but I ate all the big beef chunks out of the stew the day before. This was all that was left.)

                Dinner 7PM: (At a steak restaurant)
                *2 cubes of fresh table bread with butter
                *a couple chili cheese fries (like 3-4)
                *half of a dinner salad with extra ranch
                *1 lobster tail with butter
                *some saut?ed mushrooms (4 or so)
                *a few asparagus spears
                *2-3 forkfuls of rice pilaf
                *4 oz. Ribeye steak - Medium
                *a couple sips of my boyfriend's blackberry iced tea

                Snack midnight:
                *bowl of Count Chocula cereal with whole lactaid milk
                *lean cuisine tv dinner (spaghetti with meat sauce) I added some shredded cheddar cheese to it
                *4 saltine crackers
                *small glass (4 oz.) of fruit punch flavored Crystal Light
                *1/2 cup of apple sauce (with added fiber)

                I also had all my vitamins/supplements for the day and 128 ounces of H2O.

                So as you can see, I have been eating very light lately! teehee
                Is that seriously a light day for you or were you j/k?
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                  I ate junk yesterday, so the next few days are pretty low on carbs:

                  2 slices Am. cheese (I eat a very small breakfast generally as I don't care for it much)

                  2 pieces of roast chicken with mayo

                  1/2 protein shake
                  some mixed nuts
                  some Jarlsburgh cheese

                  2 turkey burgers w/cheese and catsup

                  sf chocolate
                  (maybe pistachio nuts or a sf. fudicle if I get hungry later)
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                    My days was a very high carb day.....

                    Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese
                    Snack: can of tuna lots of regular mayo with a bunch of wheat thins
                    Snack: 5 fudge filled oreos
                    Lunch: Packet of Lemon peper tuna filets on top of a salad and ranch dressing
                    Snack: More wheat things and oreos
                    Snack: banana
                    Snack: 1 bag of honey roasted peanuts
                    Snack: 1 bag of sunflower seeds
                    Snack: 7 slim jims
                    Snack: a couple of hershey mini bars
                    Snack: a rice krispy treat
                    Dinner: lassana, i ate out the insides and picked at the pasta, 2 slices of cheesy garlic bread, slice of birthday cake
                    Snack: 4 slim jims
                    Snack: 1 bag of sunflower seeds
                    Snack: taco meat, with some safron rice

                    I think thats it for me for it's a bit higher in carbs then I normally go for...but thatst he benefit of the DS ...LOL.



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                      I am three months out and the only thing I can keep down are cheese puffsm cheetos, and pork rhines and even then some discompfort. I am basically just surviving on low carb slimfast and water. I wish my stomach would heal so I can eat better. 3 months. I had a tablespoon of baked beans on monday and I was sick and vomiting all day. it seems that I can only tolerate food that turns into a powder like cheese puffs but my doctor does not want me eating that, calling it crap.


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                        Zeroroom, what has your surgeon said about your eating difficulties?

                        I mean I couldn't eat much at 3 mos. out but I was able to eat tuna, eggs, stuff like that. Can you do that if you puree it in the blender? Were the beans very well cooked?

                        I was just looking at the new postop diet my surgeon suggests. Have you tried any of these (just to try & get something in):

                        1. Crackers
                        2. Hot cereal
                        3. Egg salad with low fat mayo, boiled eggs. Moist fish or seafood and tuna salad with low fat mayo
                        4. Very soft/moist reduced fat meatloaf, gefilte fish, or tofu
                        5. Low fat or non fat cottage cheese or ricotta cheese
                        6. Non-fat unsweetened / sugar free yogurt (Dannon Light and Fit, Colombo Light)